Academic Hospital School in Uppsala (Sweden)

We are 11 teachers/specialteachers and one director in three units. Some of us are special teachers.

  1. Somatic hospital (children’s hospital)
  2. Psychiatric hospital ward. (acute ward)
  3. Regional Rehabilitation ward. (physical and neurology)

School children in hospital, are protected by the Swedish law of school, and should be provided education by hospital teachers. The teachers are employed by the municipality with economic support by the Swedish government.

In the big national hospitals, often connected to a university, there´s always a hospital school. We have in Sweden a national association with about 120 associated members. Every second year between a HOPE-conference we have our national conference.

The teachers within our group have different specializations. Our aim is to be able to meet all children´s needs and provide a similar education as far as possible. We have two separate classrooms, one for older and one for younger kids, naturally we teach in the wards, as well. For kids with complicated disease and long treatment the hospitalschool is important for improving results and hopefully, you don’t need to restart your time in school.IMG_0080 (1) IMG_1123 IMG_1140 (2)