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Hospital Teachers in Umeå (Sweden)

Presentation at the HOPE-conference in Vienna 2016 of the Schoolsupport-documents produced at The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation


Thanks to The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation teachers at the Swedish pediatric oncology centers have had the opportunity to start a network.

We meet twice a year and at times we coordinate our meetings with consultant nurses and braintumour nurses.

The network was formed in 2003.Our meetings are valuable opportunities (for us pedagogues) to exchange experiences related to the task of teaching children/adolescents with cancer diagnosis.

We have been able to develop the co-operation with the students home schools and our co-operation with the consultant nurses and the braintumour nurses.


In 2012 we had the opportunity to introduce our networkmodel to our colleagues at the HOPE conference in Amsterdam. We thereby could stress the importance of the support from The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. We introduced it by a visual display and a flyer with information about the network.

Some of the members from the network participated at the HOPE conference in Bukarest 2014 and experienced that a couple of other countries had started to organize networks in their own countries inspired by our model.


The HOPE-conference of 2016 is taking place in Wienna in May.

The Swedish Hospital Teachers ´Network at Childhood Oncology Centers would like to present a schoolproject drawn up by the Swedish Childhood Foundation.

The” Right to support in school” consists of three documents;

Advice to the headmaster, Advice to the mentor, Advice to parents.

The documents are well structured and distinct. We would like to describe their contents and also how we use them and how they are received and used by home schools.

We would like to do the presentation as an open workshop. We want to start with a short speech and continue with discussions, led by us, concerning questions important to all pedagogues working with ill children.

We would like to do the presentation together with Björn Olsson the coordinator and the author of the project. As a poster he will present the process of producing the documents in close dialog with us.


The documents are at the moment being translated to English. They will be available at the workshop. We focus on the documents concerning the headmaster, mentor and school. These documents are also useful when introducing immigrant children and their parents.

The document to parents is built on Swedish school-law and not that relevant to other countries. But could of course inspire to start develop documents adjusted to other countries curriculums and laws

A group from our network is planning the presentation but at the conference all of us from the network will participate as leaders in group-discussion.

We are sending this to you who are planning the Vienna-conference,

well aware of the fact that it is not completely in line with the theme of the conference. We would like to know if you think our project is interesting enough to present at the conference.

We are grateful for a quick answer to give us a hint if we should continue with the preparations.


Kind regards from hospitalteachers in









Ingrid Olsson

Hospitalteacher in Umeå, Sweden

Welcom to Skolen St. Olavs Hospital (Norway)


Jan Tingstad

Jan Tingstad

The School at St. Olavs Hospital offers education at primary and secondary level to pupils/students who are patients at the hospital. We are located at the Unit for Children and Youths and at the Unit for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In addition we provide curriculum education for students at college/high school level at other units at the hospital. We maintain a close relationship with the various units.

The school activities are located within the hospital area in Trondheim. Situated in the central part of Norway, Trondheim is the third largest city in the country. Our school has a headmaster and seven teachers. Most of our pupils/students come from the three counties “Møre og Romsdal”, “Sør-Trøndelag” and “Nord Trøndelag”. The State owns the hospital. However, it is Sør-Trøndelag county which is responsible for the School and the teaching of the youngsters (age 6 – 18) at St. Olavs Hospital. The county cooperates with the municipality of Trondheim in the running of the school.We give individual tuition/education to children, youths and adults hospitalized at St. Olavs Hospital who have rights according to the national law of education (“Opplæringslova”).



We want to provide the pupils/students with as normal life situation as possible, with focus on confidence, prosperity and life quality. In cooperation with the pupils’/students’ home schools we want to give chronic ill and long-term hospitalized children adapted education, to make it easier for them to return to their home school.

Please, feel welcome to contact our headmaster for any further information:
Phone: +47 72574747

Please, feel welcome to contact the teachers by Phone or E-mail. You find the teachers under „Ansatte“.